This e-shopping spree selects only the best pieces in widely selections. Our selections will be suitable for all the viewers especially for career moms or busy peeps (like us..) that have limited time to shop for everthing...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Spree#6 Kain Sulam Benang Indonesia

Kain Sulam Benang Untuk baju Kurung Moden (belah tepi)

Kain Sulam Benang……(last piece)
Hijau pucuk pisang.
4 meter. Cutting untuk baju kurung moden , belah tepi (sulam tepi).
Last Offer RM100.

Spree#5 Kain Sulam Indonesia

Kain Sulam Riben + manik dari Indonesia.
Sesuai untuk baju kebaya or jubah or depends on the tailor creativity.
4 meter.

Only few lefts… RM100.

Sweet Purple (lite)

Hijau Pucok Pisang

Softy Pink

Red Hot Chili